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My Story



I started using drugs at 12 and at first it was just for fun, then it became my life, from selling drugs to doing every drug in the book and over the years I ended up losing myself. Even when I had my child at 22 I wasn't ready to see I had a problem. It wasn't until I went to jail for the second time that I got tired of living the life I was living. Making the choice to come to rehab was the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m grateful for the life that I have today.

Q: What did you learn at your stay at Brookside?

A: I’ve learned so much here at Brookside. Mainly that it is okay to hurt and that I am human so it’s okay to get mad, but there are other ways to deal with my anger. That this is a life or death fight and you may stumble and even fall sometimes, but you got to get back up and fight for your sobriety. It’s okay to feel emotions and it’s okay to be lost trying to find your way.

Q: How did Brookside help you?

A: Brookside has helped me see the good in myself and that I’m worth something. I once felt like my life didn't matter, that I was a lost soul. Being here has helped me see that I am worth more than the life I was living, that I do have something to give this world. My anger is my worst enemy, but I am strong enough to beat it today because of the tools I’ve learned here. I now feel alive, like I can breathe again.

Q: What would you like to say about Brookside?

A: Brookside, what you have here is something special. The passion that is here is unreal, and thank you for not giving up on me, for helping me learn to love myself again, for being there for me through the biggest event in my life and for showing me that there are good people in this world that I can trust. All you guys are amazing.

Q: What would you like to say to someone thinking about coming to Brookside?

A: Come. It’s a wonderful place but don’t waste those peoples’ time. Be real with everything because they really care about what they’re doing here. The staff here truly want to see you do and be better. This place saved me as a person and my life and if you put the work in here, it can do that same for you.

***Names have been changed. Nikki* completed the 90 Day Program and the Anger Management Course offered at Brookside.***

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