Information For Families

Information for Families

  • Our address and phone numbers are listed above on our letterhead.

  • Visitation is on Sat. and Sun.

  • Visitation begins on: ____________________

  • Visitation hours are between 12:00 to 3:45 for all visitation but your family member will be given a specific time during this period to meet with you.

  • No cell phones or cameras are allowed in the facility or on the property. This is to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

  • No animals are allowed on the property.

  • No foul language while visiting.

  • You must sign in when you enter the facility and provide picture IDs.

  • Your belongings WILL be searched and you may be asked to turn out your pockets upon visits.

  • Please leave all personal items in your car, such as purses, diaper bags, etc.

  • If you appear to be impaired or intoxicated, you will not be allowed on the premises and you will be asked to leave.

  • If you leave the visitation area for any reason, even to go out to the parking lot, you will NOT be permitted to come back into the visitation area during that visit.

- Visitation lasts for 45 mins. NO EXCEPTIONS
- Family members who appear under the influence will not be allowed.
- Upon entering Brookside, visitors will be checked in by our staff. They will confirm that you are on the approved list of visitors. Only two adults are allowed to visit at one time. Any and all children are permitted, unless they are under the influence.
- Adult family members must have a form of ID or will not be allowed to visit.
- No cell phones.
- No purses, bags, backpacks, etc.
- After checking in, family members are to go directly to the visitation area and sign in.
- Any items given must be packaged. No opened items of anything will be allowed to be given.
- No children are to be left unattended.
- Chewing tobacco is not permitted.
- Please do NOT bring any potted plants, stuffed animals, homemade foods, open candy, or OTC medications that are open. We are sorry for the inconvenience but there are no exceptions to this rule.
- Clients are not permitted to walk you to your car or into the parking lot. Please say goodbye at the visitation area.
- Weapons are not permitted in the building.
- We reserve the right to refuse visitation for anyone who is deemed impaired or abusive.