Out-paient & court ordered services:

Brookside offers DUI Classes, Shoplifting Classes, Anger Management, Parenting/Family Classes & Out-Patient Therapy.  A 1st Offense DUI can be completed in only 15 Days!

At Brookside, we are committed to rehabilitation of individuals and families by constructing and developing core programs and services through tested educational and treatment components centered around those suffering from substance affected issues and disorders.  Call today to schedule your appointment at 606-658-3078

DUI Classes:                                                              Shoplifting:

1st Offense - $350 ($70 Intake, $40/Session)                    1st Offenders - $75

2nd Offense - $100 Intake & $20/Session                         2nd Offenders - $125

Out-Of-State - $500 Intake & $20/Session                        Anger Management:

Out-Patient Therapy:                                                     $20/Session

Assessment - $150                                                              Parenting & Family Classes:

Group - $20/Session                                                           Couples - $30/Session

Individual - $60/Session                                                      Individual - $20/Session

8 week program - $400

20 weel program - $1200                  

Residential Treatment Program:

Brookside offers traditional residential services for prospective clients who wish to recover from sustained drug use in a warm and caring environment. Some individuals require more help and intensive therapy than others. Our program is designed to offer more structure and support for individuals who need more care than an outpatient program would provide.

Brookside residential treatment provides a highly structured, monitored environment in a private setting that offers residents serenity as they begin their long-¬term recovery. Residential treatment helps ensure that participants do not have access to drugs or alcohol while in their program and that they can receive full time support during their recovery. Residents may stay from one month to 180 days, and will have access to individual and group substance abuse and mental health therapy as well as recreational activities, career services, peer support, case management, and life skills.

Brookside currently accepts all forms of Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurances. We also accept cash payments.

Non-Medical Detox Services:

Detox is where recovery from alcohol and drug addiction begins. A typical stay in detox lasts 3 – 7 days. At least one Detox Monitor trained in CPR and First Aid is on duty at all times to monitor vitals for withdrawal symptoms. No medication is administered during the detoxification process unless previously prescribed and verified. If the client requires medical attention, they will be immediately admitted to a local hospital emergency room to detox under the care of a physician. However, Brookside employs a registered nurse who can monitor vital information and patient medication in order to better stabilize the withdrawal process.

As soon as the detox client is stabilized, he or she is required to attend in-house meetings and classes in preparation for participation in the recovery program. While in detox, potential residents are familiarized with the basic principles of recovery.

Most importantly, residents are provided the opportunity for social interaction with the other residents who have themselves experienced the often painful and terrifying process of withdrawal and are now on the road to recovery from their addiction.


The custom-made STOP program is exclusive to Brookside, and it seeks to help clients transition off of Suboxone medication management. We offer non-medical detox services, including safety monitoring and therapeutic treatment, for residents who wish to taper down or completely transition off Suboxone, Subutex, or Zubsolv. Treatment is individualized, and clients can stay anywhere from one week to months. During this time, our trained staff will help residents in dealing with the physical and psychological processes involved in withdrawal.

Brookside staff will assist residents in all phases of the treatment process including detox, active treatment, and short or long-term residential services. Participants are welcome to transition into our residential treatment program and enjoy a private, welcoming and supportive environment for recovery. All residents participating in STOP will have access to licensed mental health and substance abuse professionals, as well as medical staff who can assist with physical symptoms.