Providers & Social Workers

Brookside utilizes the best practices of clinical drug treatment. Brookside is a state-licensed Alcohol & Other Drug Entity (AODE) and Behavioral Health Services Organization (BHSO) Residential Program. These licenses show that Brookside utilizes the best practices of clinical drug rehabilitation. We have a physician as our medical director, licensed counselors and certified alcohol & drug counselors (CADCs), trained peer support specialists staffing our treatment program.

Residents participate in two hours of weekly individual counseling, 10 hours weekly of recovery small groups (SMART, and other self-help) and group therapy sessions. We offer groups & counseling in relationships, parenting, self esteem, relapse prevention, aftercare, career & personality testing, Harm-Reduction, GED, anger management, and wellness.

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Referring a Patient

Brookside cares about each and every one of your patients success! Here at brookside we tailor programs to fit your patients needs. not only that, we work hand -in-hand with you, to ensure that the patients best interests are met and continuity of care is maintained.

We don't just want to treat our patients and help them to a path of sober living, we want to ensure that we give them every possible tool to ensure they have the skills to stay there. Thats why upon discharge you will be given an aftercare plan where we can both ensure that our patient has a road-map to success!

HERE is our referral form along with a guide to the admission process

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