Those seeking residential treatment don’t usually meet the criteria for hospital admission but are committing to an extended stay in a facility that provides intensive services. These services are focused on a population of people with similar (but not identical) issues and, as such, can provide a tight-knit, supportive environment unlike that which might be experienced in an outpatient setting. Inpatient treatment programs provide a number of unique opportunities for individuals to explore the psychological issues and medical problems associated with drug abuse.

Brookside is a residential treatment center for men and women suffering from substance abuse. Brookside is nestled within the mountains of Pike County, KY in a beautiful, tranquil setting with comfortable living quarters and amenities. Our program integrates the best practices of clinical drug treatment with a time-tested harm-education recovery model.

At Brookside, we believe in treatment and programs tailored to each individual’s needs. Patients are thoroughly assessed and screened upon admission. This allows our Licensed staff to tailor a treatment plan to fit our patients’ needs. No matter what phase of treatment you come from, we have a program we can tailor to our patients.

From our non-medical detox to our specialized Medically Assisted Treatment ween program, Brookside is sure to have you on the road to sobriety — more importantly — keep you on that path to a lifetime of sobriety!