For many years, the term alcoholism has been used to describe ongoing alcohol abuse resulting in significant physical and/or psychological problems. Although laypeople still use this term to describe excessive alcohol use, alcoholism isn’t a formal diagnosis. Medical professionals use the terms alcohol use disorder and alcohol dependence when diagnosing people with problems related to their drinking.

This guide explains the physical and behavioral changes associated with heavy drinking, outlines some of the risk factors for alcohol use disorder and provides information on treatment options for problem drinking.

Addiction Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

Behavioral Changes Associated With Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol misuse can have severe consequences, including serious health problems, job loss and difficulty maintaining positive relationships. Brookside Addiction Treatment Services is one of the best alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky, as every individual receives personalized treatment to address their physical and emotional needs. We also offer alcohol detox to help people with alcohol use disorder stop drinking in a safe and supportive environment.

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General Outpatient Therapy

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