If you’re struggling with your relationship with drugs and alcohol but aren’t able to commit to residential or inpatient rehab, outpatient addiction treatment is ideal.

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You’ll meet with a doctor for an initial assessment to determine the best course of action for your individual circumstances. They’ll perform a medical examination and ask you for an extensive explanation of your medical history. This is so we can construct a customized treatment plan to address the physical, emotional and spiritual impacts of addiction.

Group Therapy

During group therapy, you hear other people’s stories and share your experiences in sessions overseen by a qualified counselor. They lead the conversation to ensure each member gets something out of the process. It helps you to gain a new perspective, learn about the extremities of other people’s struggles and feel the relief of expressing your truth to keen, empathetic listeners.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is your chance to work closely with a counselor to delve into the underlying thoughts and beliefs that lead to addiction. You get the opportunity to form a secure bond with a trusted authority figure and explore your unhelpful patterns of behavior without judgment.

Once you establish why you’ve developed unhealthy coping mechanisms, you can start to construct new, healthy ones.


At Brookside Treatment, we offer a comprehensive program where you attend sessions Monday to Saturday for three hours a day. The frequency you attend depends on the severity of your substance use disorder and budget, ranging from eight to 20 weeks.

Who Is It For?

Outpatient therapy is ideal for individuals who have a mild to moderate substance use disorder and require the flexibility of outpatient care. It can also be the ideal step down from more intensive forms of addiction treatment.


If you’ve been diagnosed with alcohol use disorder and you’re still able to continue with work or education, outpatient alcohol rehab is the solution. Alcoholism is a disease, not a choice or a sign of your moral standing.

There’s no shame in seeking the medical help you need to become healthy and happy. If you’re worried that you’re no longer in control of the amount you drink, call Brookside Treatment at 606-342-7089.

Harlan, Kentucky, is well-known for many reasons — including being a bustling hub of folk and country music in the early 20th century. It’s still an amazing area to enjoy nightlife and music, but it also hides a more sinister underside. Drug overdose rates in Harlan County and the wider Cumberland Valley area are among the worst in the entire state. Thankfully, Brookside Treatment outpatient drug rehab in Harlan, Kentucky, is here to support anyone struggling with a substance use disorder.

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Heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine and benzodiazepines are among the substances causing the most problems in Harlan. However, alcohol is a significant issue as well. Outpatient alcohol rehab is one of the most effective ways of treating substance use disorders while letting you get on with your life.

In 2015, Cumberland Valley had the fourth-highest rate of drug-related overdoses in the county and the second-highest rate of methamphetamine overdoses. It’s also among the districts with the highest number of fatal overdoses in Kentucky.

Harlan county is a hot spot for drug overdoses, with the second-highest burden in the entire state. Kentucky has declared a drug epidemic in the area, where youth homelessness and poverty seem to be driving the issue.

Cumberland Valley Drug Overdose Epidemic

In addition to suffering disproportionately from the nationwide opioid crisis, Harlan County and the wider Cumberland Valley district in Kentucky have a severe problem with methamphetamine. People who live in the area speak of the wide availability of class A drugs like heroin and crystal meth.

Although there are efforts to improve the problem in the area, lots of people still struggle with substance use disorders. When there’s a widespread problem with drug and alcohol abuse, it can become normalized in a particular society.

Even if a lot of people you know use drugs, it doesn’t mean it’s not seriously harmful. You can overcome even the most severe addiction with support from addiction experts and a support network. Outpatient addiction treatment can be an affordable rehab option that lets you continue with normal life while getting the help you need.


Alcoholics Anonymous in Harlan County

Visit the Cumberland Hope Center or AA Hall to attend AA meetings in the local Harlan community. During these sessions, you learn the 12-step framework and have access to a free lifelong support network. It’s been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective methods of treating addiction.

AA Hall
111 North Cumberland Avenue
Harlan, KY 40831-2120

Cumberland Hope Center
6050 KY-38
Evarts, KY 40828

Narcotics Anonymous in Harlan

People who struggle with drugs such as heroin, crystal meth, cocaine and benzodiazepines can meet with a group of like-minded individuals in recovery to share their experiences at NA. This free group is a subset of AA that started in 1953. It helps people struggling with addiction to face up to their condition in a safe, understanding space.

Better Way Group
124 South Main Street
Harlan, KY 40831

Al-Anon in Cumberland Valley

Group meetings at Al-Anon provide the families of people struggling with substance use disorders a space to share their stories and listen to friends who have been through something similar. It’s difficult for someone who hasn’t experienced a loved one going through an addiction to understand the impact it has. This gives people a chance to express feelings that need to be spoken out loud in a safe, positive environment.

Church on the Hill Cumberland Pentecostal Church
73 Victory Road
Cumberland, KY 40823

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